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Invest your time and effort in running your business. 

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What Our clients say...

Tracey's writing is a unique combination of rational yet passionate, with an eye for detail, warmth, and empathy for the human condition, borne out of her own experiences. Tracey is committed, principled and achieves excellent results.
Peel Taggart
Managing Director, MXMG
Tracey wrote a chapter on social media and engagement, for a book I edited in 2011. Her expertise and practical first-hand experience was invaluable, both to the book and its readers.
Tom Scholes-Fogg
Thanks to Tracey’s effective use of social media and press, my business was promoted across the local area and in the local newspapers.
Jamie Attwood
Local Business Owner

Words are important. There’s much more to it than that though. How you communicate with customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the wider community will inevitably impact your business’s bottom line and reputation.  However, getting your message out there effectively, with maximum visibility and strategic targeting is more than just writing the words. Creating a message that will help you to convert website visitors, and social media followers into paying customers is a technical skill. 

At TChee communication is everything. We have more than 20 years of experience in getting the message across. Our creators have designed and written content for businesses, government organisations, local authorities, charities and public sector bodies.  We’ve worked for businesses that operate in sectors that include, the leisure industry, technology, design, food, luxury goods, manufacturing and business development. We firmly believe that you are the expert in what you do; as are we. With TChee, you can get on with running your business and leave the content and marketing to us.