About The Business

At TChee, we work with writers, marketing specialists, PR professionals etc.

TChee was founded in 2014, by Tracey Cheetham. Having worked for many years in customer management, engagement and communications, she saw a gap in the market. Tracey wanted to create a business that could help companies and organisations have more effective conversations, rather than just broadcast messages and hope for the best. She wanted to help them to tell their stories and communicate better.

At TChee, we work with writers, marketing specialists, PR professionals and those creative types, all of whom have expertise in various business sectors.

TChee is registered with the UK Lobbying Register and adheres to the Code of Conduct for all relevant advice and activity.

All organisations want to be seen and heard; online visibility drives business and it is vital to get your message out there and to be heard. This is the very essence of what TChee is all about.

About Tracey

Tracey Cheetham began studying communication more than 25 years ago. She has developed her skills and experience in both public and private sector organisations and businesses. She has worked with sole traders, SMEs, local authorities, huge national and international corporations, UK government and civil service, international charities, schools and politicians.

Some of her first projects were designing health information leaflets, writing internal bulletins, process-updates and manuals. In addition, Tracey developed and delivered customer service training across the country. She has been published in print and online, both in her own name and as a ghost-writer for prominent politicians, business people and public sector leaders.

Throughout her career, Tracey has held high-level positions with small and large organisations, represented organisations at national conferences and on national television and radio.  She has been featured in and/or written for online, print and broadcast media, including The Guardian, ITV, BBC, ITN, The Times, The Yorkshire Post, Tesco Magazine, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Crick Centre, Open Democracy, The Barnsley Chronicle, Total Politics and various others.

As a high profile breast cancer survivor and campaigner, Tracey has also worked with political bodies to promote women’s health and has written several articles on the subject of cancer treatment and life after diagnosis.

She has also contributed to three books and been quoted in Parliament.

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