Social Media

Effective online engagement takes time; you need to identify your needs, establish goals and targets then plan and implement a successful strategy. Social Media is key part of this. It is not however, the be all and end all.

Many companies believe that social media will be a panacea to their business issues – it won’t.

Effective social media requires engagement and this takes time and investment. Building an online audience is not an overnight task. It can take more than a year to build that magic 1000 followers organically. Anyone who tells you they will build a large social media following for you within three months, is not going to be targeting the key leads that will be more likely to convert into customers.

We can help you to develop your online engagement

For social media to work, it needs to be operated with key information and understanding of your business and industry. This is why TChee no longer takes on general social media clients. We will now only create associated drip-fed promotional posts to accompany any blog posts and articles that we have created for you.  These posts will cover a year of social media output per post. The interactive, ad hoc and personality-based posts are best managed within your business.

We will happily provide support on-site or via remote training for the staff members who will be managing your social media accounts. This will help you to build and develop your online engagement and create a better and more personal online identity for your business.  We can also help you to analyse and create an effective Strategic Communications Plan for your business. Please contact us for more information.