Making sure your business remains visible and relevant, in a dynamic online world, gives you the edge. It also means that when people are searching, you have more chance of being found. We understand that you’ll probably want to know how to do all of this in house, so we’ll train you. 

Do your staff have the most up-to-date skills?

At TChee, we offer low-cost training workshops, which you can pick and choose from, or a bespoke training programme for you and your employees.

Business communication is constantly evolving, with new platforms, emerging channels and changes to search algorithms. It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. 

We’ll develop a training and coaching strategy, to help you get the best from your team. They will learn key skills and gain awareness of new developments, improve their confidence and know how to produce quality output for social media, blogs and media releases. We can also continue to provide support and ongoing assistance, if required.

All of our forthcoming Training Workshops will be published here. If you would like to register for our mailing list, to hear about our workshops, training events and any conferences we are appearing at, please register at the bottom of the page.